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School Day

Below is a breakdown of the school day according to each key stage. Please note that children should be in class ready to start the day by no later than 9:05am. Any child arriving in class after this time will be marked as late in the register. If any child arrives after 9:25am, then they will be marked as absent for the morning session.


Early Years Foundation Stage

Treetops ~ 2 Year Old Nursery (Caterpillars)

Morning sessions 8:50am-11:50am

Afternoon sessions 12:00pm – 2:50pm


Sunbeams ~ 3 Year Old Nursery (Tadpoles)

Morning Sessions 8.50am-11.25am

Lunch session 11.25am-12.25pm

Afternoon Sessions 12.25pm-2.55pm


Sunbeams  ( Reception- Frogs)

Full time

School starts 8.55am

Lunch 11.25am-12.25pm

School finishes 2.55pm


Key Stage 1 and 2

Key Stage 1 ~ Years 1 & 2

Doors open at 8.45am

School starts at 8.55am

Lunch is 12.00pm-1.00pm

School finishes at 2.55pm


Key Stage 2 ~ Years 3-6

Doors open at 8.30am

School starts at 8.55am

Lunch is 12.00pm-12.45pm

School finishes 3.00pm