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Roundhill Primary school is committed to supporting and improving the attendance of our pupils.OFSTED (the Office for Standards in Education) and the Department of Education identifies poor attendance as below 95% or below and we are committed to trying to improve all attendance below that level. Attendance below 90% is classed as 'persistent absence'.


A close link has been established between good school attendance and academic success.  Missed lessons leave pupils trying to catch up and slightly at sea when they return to find the class has moved on.  Continuity of education is very important to enabling a child to feel happy and secure in their class which is one of our key aims.  


There is a legal duty under Education Act 1996 for parents to ensure the attendance of your child at Roundhill Primary School unless they are prevented from doing so by reason of illness or any unavoidable cause. It is worth noting that being late to school after registration unfortunately has an impact on official attendance figures.


We want to work with families to ensure every child has excellent attendance and  wants to be in school. Please feel free to call the school office if there are any issues you wish to discuss.

Attendance Policy