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Roundhill Primary Curriculum


We aspire for all of our children to become confident, caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a love of learning.

We aim to provide each child with the basic skills of literacy and numeracy, to develop communication skills, logical thinking, reasoning ability and a lively enquiring mind.


At Roundhill, we provide our learners with an engaging and memorable curriculum. Our curriculum aims to provide every child with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding so that they can grow and develop into confident, thoughtful and skilled citizens. Our school curriculum is designed so that it not only provides the statutory knowledge and skills set down in the National Curriculum but, more importantly, it provides a rich, varied and purposeful educational experience that reflects the needs of our learners and our school community. Pupils in the Early Years Foundation Stage receive an engaging curriculum based upon the Statutory Framework for the Early Years and Foundation Stage.


We adapt the curriculum to meet the diverse needs of our pupils, supporting and challenging them to achieve their best.


Our aim is to get the very best out of each child, and with home and school working together, we believe that this can be achieved. The learning of basic skills is essential to provide our pupils with a solid basis for their education. A rigorous approach to the learning of phonics is used from Reception based upon the letters and sounds scheme. This is continued throughout KS1 and into KS2 where spelling skills continue to be taught regularly through a range of interactive approaches. In numeracy, calculation skills are developed progressively throughout the school with a focus on mental strategies, facts and practical tasks to aid understanding. An investigative approach enriches pupils' engagement with maths. The basic skills of English and Maths are woven through our cross-curricular enquiries, where natural links occur, to encourage application of skills in a range of contexts. Our daily learning and teaching is underpinned by our school's core vision and values. These key features of our school curriculum enable all our children to learn, grow and reflect about themselves as citizens of the world and as learners, ensuring that we all work together to create a safe and positive environment where everyone is valued and everyone achieves.


We place a strong emphasis upon the core skills of communication, reading, writing and mathematics as we view these as fundamental in enabling our children to grow into confident young people who possess the skills necessary to become life-long, successful learners.


Our school curriculum is based upon:

  • The 2014 National Curriculum
  • Our 'Curious City' Enquiry-based curriculum framework
  • The statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • A Locally Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education
  • Our Learning Gems

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