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Sport at Roundhill

New Sports Kit

New Sports Kit 1
A huge thank you to Southdown Fish Bar for sponsoring our new football kit! We really appreciate it and can't wait to wear it for our next match.
Picture 1
Our new sports kit, as modelled above by the School Netball team.

Upcoming Sports Events


We have several sporting events happening in Term 4:

  • Boys football vs OPJS at home (5/3/18)
  • Boys football vs Moorlands away (14/3/18)
  • Girls football tournament at Moorlands (19/3/18)


We are hoping to organise a Netball game very soon, so watch this space

Netball vs OPJS

Netball vs OPJS 1
Netball vs OPJS 2
Netball vs OPJS 3
Netball vs OPJS 4
Netball vs OPJS 5
Netball vs OPJS 6

Yesterday, our Netball team played against Oldfield Park. In the first round, Lici, Poppy, Ivy, Emily P, Ruby and Milly Played. The blues scored 5 so they won the first round. In  the second round they shot to the left and we shot to the right. In the last few seconds Poppy scored so we won that round. In the third round and fourth round, Esme, Lily, Emily J, Jessika, Elenor and Rosie played and we won the third round. The fourth round we got off to a good start and scored one point, but then they scored 2 points so we lost that round. In the final game we managed to make them not score but we didn't score ourselves. Even though we didn't win it was a fantastic game and everyone played their best.


By Esme and Ivy

Footbal vs Moorlands School

During the first quarter we pushed up well, but Moorlands made a comeback but neither scored. In the second quarter Moorlands subbed their entire team. They then pushed up to the corner flag and scored from there! Somehow they scored another cracking goal!

During the third quarter, due to the wind and a slope, Moorlands scored again - 3 times! In the final quarter I scored.

By Owen