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Religious Education at Roundhill


Here at Roundhill, in accordance with the DfE guidance for RE and collective worship in academies, we follow an agreed syllabus which is mainly Christian in character.  It is intended that our pupils should also gain awareness and understanding of other faiths, and have opportunities to reflect on their own beliefs; this provides a broad and balanced programme of learning. 


Our choice of agreed syllabus uses an enquiry approach, which reflects the approach we use across the whole curriculum.  'Big' questions are asked, the children follow a series of sessions learning about the beliefs and practices of faiths and reflecting upon their own understanding and beliefs, the class seeks to answer the questions by drawing together their learning.  RE learning is recorded in our whole class RE books.

Children act as philosophers as they reflect on beliefs and meaning from a range of faiths and within themselves.

RE is mostly taught as a discrete subject.   It will:

  • include a study of the key beliefs and practices of religions and other world views, including those represented in our school community and Bath;
  • provide opportunities to explore key religious concepts and common human questions of meaning, purpose and value, and to reflect on and share their own beliefs;
  • enable pupils to investigate how beliefs affect moral decisions and identity, exploring both diversity and shared human values.

These three areas together will nurture pupils’ religious literacy and support the British Value of mutual respect and tolerance.


Our Daily Act of Worship is designed to support children’s spiritual, moral and cultural development and to reflect this country’s mainly Christian tradition, whilst taking account of the teaching and practices of other principal religions. The 1988 Education Reform Act allows parents to withdraw their child from RE and the Daily Act of Worship. Any parent wishing to do so is asked to make a written request to the Head Teacher.

Our RE Long-Term Plan