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Oracy at Roundhill


We recognise the extreme importance of being able to talk well and learn through talk. Oracy is a vital part of the Curriculum at Roundhill and we are now embarking on a long-term project to develop and refine these crucial skills in partnership with Language for Life (aimed at our youngest children) and with Voice 21. 

Oracy is becoming an integral part of our curriculum – we are in our early stages of the implementation of this project, and are excited about how it will develop over the coming years.


What is Oracy?

‘Oracy is the ability to articulate ideas, develop understanding and engage with others through spoken language.’ (Voice21).  At Roundhill, we intend for our children to be confident, articulate speakers and effective listeners; these two skills are fundamental to all we do now and in the children’s later lives.


Why do we have a focus on Oracy?

Through our observations of children, and through analysis of data for our youngest children, it was highlighted that children needed additional opportunities to learn to talk confidently and effectively,  and to learn through talk across the curriculum.

In addition, research (Millard and Menzies, State of Speaking) shows almost half of British employers, reported that young people enter the work place with inadequate communication, presentation and interpersonal skills that are needed to thrive in the work place.   


Our key Actions for 2021 – 2023

  • To support early speech and language development and communication skills;
  • To exploit exploratory talk:
  • To teach physical aspects of Oracy:
  • To continue to improve vocabulary development across the school;
  • To implement oracy teaching across the curriculum;
  • To identify next steps to support early year’s children and their vocabulary development.


What is the intended impact?

This project is a long term, ongoing project and not one that will complete by the end of this academic year.  We envisage that children will become confident and effective communicators and be able to use these skills in all areas of the curriculum and later in life.  This will underpin the children’s ability to make a positive contribution to society as global citizens.


How are we teaching Oracy at Roundhill?

We have a multi-layered approach to develop Oracy and are using the 4 domains set out by Voice 21; physical, linguistic, cognitive and social and emotional (see below).  During the first year of our project, we are particularly focusing on posture, vocabulary, reasoning and collaboration.

In the early years, a high focus is given to the physical development of speech and positive talk.  It essential that all domains are developed effectively as they progress through our school. Teachers plan regular and purposeful opportunities which enable children to take part in exploratory talk and listen carefully to one another. Subject-specific vocabulary is used across all areas of the curriculum to support children's language development. Teachers and adults in school model effective talk and listening skills.

Voice 21 Oracy Domains