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School Gateway – Making Payments

School Gateway


We encourage all parents to sign up to School Gateway, not least because this is how we communicate with our parents and families.  We send text messages and e-mails, and this will be how you will receive them.  Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to keep it open to receive any messages or weekly newsletters.  If you close the app down, and we happen to send a message or e-mail during that time, when you re-open the app, you will not receive the message, it can only be delivered to you when the app is open.


We accept payments for school dinners, after school club, trips and nursery fees via credit or debit card through school gateway.


As long as we have your current e-mail address and mobile phone number, you will be able to make online payments via the School Gateway smartphone app or website. You will also be able to view school balances and top up at any time.


This will make it easier for you to pay any time 24-7 as we are a cash-free office.


What you need to do to activate your School Gateway account


  • Check that we have your correct e-mail address and mobile 'phone number then
  • Download the app:
  • If you have a smartphone, please download School Gateway from your app store (Android and iPhone).
  • The app shows the same information as the website PLUS it saves the school money when we send you a text message.




  • If you do not have a smartphone;
  • Visit the website: and then;
  • click 'New User';
  • You'll then receive a text message with a PIN number;
  • Use this PIN to log into School Gateway.


If you're having trouble logging in, it may be because the school doesn't have your current e-mail and mobile phone number on record.  Please contact us and we'll update the details on our system.


We hope that you will find School Gateway to be a fast and easy way to pay for school items and keep in touch with us.