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Being Successful Learners - Gem Powers

Gem Power! ~ Learners of the Week ~ Week ending ~ 24th May 2019


Finley (Butterfly Class) Topaz Power! ~ Finley showed topaz power this week by helping a classmate with their writing.


Charlie (Bumblebee Class) Azurite Power! ~ Charlie showed azurite power this week by trying really hard with his reading and moving up a level.


Sophie (Grasshopper Class) Diamond Power! ~ Sophie showed diamond power this week by working hard to be the best learner she can be.


Nathanial (Maple Class) Topaz Power! ~ Nathanial showed topaz power this week by working very well with a partner during science and producing great work.


Freya (Willow Class) Emerald Power! ~ Freya showed emerald power this week by always tackling new and exciting challenges with a smile.  Good luck your new school - you'll be amazing!


Ciera (Pine Class) Sapphire Power! ~ Ciera showed sapphire power this week by concentrating well on independent tasks.


Eme (Birch Class) Amethyst Power! ~ Eme showed amethyst power this week by continuing to recognise her own strengths and building on them in a positive way.


Milly (Cedar Class) Sapphire Power! ~ Milly showed sapphire power this week by producing a super piece of writing - her best yet!

Gem Powers!


In order to enable all of our pupils to develop into successful learners, with the attitudes, attributes and skills needed for life, we have developed Dr Tom Robson’s ‘Gem Project’ as the basis for our learning curriculum; this curriculum underpins all the learning that takes place at our school.


In our school, we have 7 gems; each one represents a key learning attitude or skill:


Ruby Power - this is achieved by being positive and kind to others. Smiling and being friendly to others and showing good attention to the ideas of others also helps you to gain lots of this power!


Topaz Power - this gem helps us to work well within a class – we know when to take turns, when to work with others or alone and how to ask questions and share our learning. You achieve this gem by using the skills of collaboration and group learning. Playing an active part within a team and showing respect for the views of others are key factors.


Diamond Power - this is gained by taking responsibility for solving your own problems, having ownership over your learning and setting yourself goals or next steps. By doing this, you make your brain grow and your learning starts to sparkle!


Emerald Power - this one is key for our school. To achieve this, you need to be willing to take risks with your learning, knowing that learning new things is not easy and that mistakes might happen. Being resilient enough to pick yourself up and try again is what makes our learners dazzle in green! Get that bouncebackability!


Azurite Power - this power works best when you are motivated to learn; be keen and show enthusiasm for learning new things and be positive about all learning experiences. By being enthusiastic, this can help you to enjoy your time in school even more. Start sparkling in pale blue!


Sapphire Power - you can gain lots of this power by staying focused on your learning task and ignoring the 'monster' distractions. Push yourself to achieve your goals without being distracted and you will be shimmering in blue!


Amethyst Power - build your own self-esteem to make your purple power shine. Share your work with others and be gracious when you are praised. Know what you are good at and be proud of your achievements.