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Gem Power! ~ Learners of the Week ~ Week ending ~ 28th February 2020


Tayon (Butterfly Class) Sapphire Power! ~ Tayon showed sapphire power this week by showing fantastic concentration, fabulous effort, great enthusiasm


Rhys (Bumblebee Class) Azurite Power! ~ Rhys showed azurite power this week by being enthusiastic about his learning, especially his spellings.


Lacey-Mae (Ladybird Class) Azurite Power! ~ Lacey-Mae showed azurite power this week by always happily trying new things.


Noah (Maple Class) Sapphire Power! ~ Noah showed sapphire power this week by enjoying his work and ignoring any distractions.


Kaiden B (Willow Class) Emerald Power! ~ Kaiden B showed emerald power this week by taking on some tricky maths with a smile.


Kaci (Laurel Class) Azurite Power! ~ Kaci showed azurite power this week by using the word wall during her independent writing.


Seb (Birch Class) Azurite Power! ~ Seb showed azurite power this week by being enthusiastic and always trying his best in all lessons.  Well done.


Lizzie (Pine Class) Diamond Power! ~ Lizzie showed diamond power this week by working incredibly hard to independently solve tricky maths problems (perimeter).


Ellie-May (Cedar Class) Azurite Power! ~ Ellie-May showed azurite power this week by being very enthusiastic in maths lessons and working really hard.