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Welcome to Sunbeams. 


We are very proud of our Foundation Stage Unit and the children who learn in it. 


On this page you can find out about all the exciting learning experiences and opportunities that our children have throughout the year. 


We will update the page regularly to keep you up to date with all the wonderful things that we are learning at school and we will include links and suggestions of ways to support learning at home. Don't forget to visit the Pupil Zone for links to games and  some fun websites. 


Please let us know if you have any suggestions for this page and feel free to contact us for more information.


Our Sunbeams Team:

Foundation Stage Leader: Cathy Abel

Foundation Stage Teachers: Tracy Fournier (Frogs), Amy Skuse (Tadpoles), Rosie Lewis (Frogs)

Foundation Stage Practitioners: Lisa Atkins, Claire Peard, Sophie Bennett, Becky Rosser, Sylvia Jackson, Amy Pedrick, Tasha Smith, Stacey Fry

Lunchtime SMSAs: Hazell Deverell, Christine Shellard, Briony Dodwell, Michelle Lansdown



Term 6 ~ week 3

This week ...

In the Meadow we have had a very busy cafe. Children have been writing orders for food and cooking up a feast. 

In the Back Garden our carrots and potatoes have been growing nicely and this week we have enjoyed tasting fresh peas and raspberries. 

In the jungle we had a construction challenge to build models and measure and compare them with our friends. Tyler-Jay, Max and Ethan made some fantastic trucks. Ethan said, "Mine is the middle one and Max's is longer than mine!"

In the Front Garden we have been in training for Sports Day! We have been practising relay races and obstacle races and have been learning how to work as a team. We think we have some potential Olympic athletes in the making so don't forget to come along and cheer us on Tuesday 10th July (weather permitting).

In the Swamp our Artists have been very busy learning different mark making techniques. Brandon particularly enjoyed 'scrimbling' and we were very impressed by Noah's camouflage chameleon!

Jacob and Lucas made some delicious biscuits for the snack bar.


Easter Parade

After a very busy term the Sunbeams team would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter Holidays.

To get you in the mood have a look at the video clips of the amazing collection of Easter bonnets we had in Sunbeams today!


Tadpole Easter bonnet parade

Still image for this video

Red Group Easter Bonnet Parade

Still image for this video

Blue Group Easter Bonnet Parade

Still image for this video

Orange Group Easter Bonnet Parade

Still image for this video

Purple Group Easter Bonnet Parade

Still image for this video

Term 4 week 1

We have been working on building strong muscles in our arms and shoulders with socca-balls and target throwing games. This will help us to become fantastic writers. In the swamp we have been mixing our own paints and experimenting, using brushes and tools to create different techniques. At the snack bar we are making cakes. We have to balance the ingredients very carefully.  As always the Meadow has been full of enthusiastic writers. This week we have been writing about Paw Patrol. In the meadow our mathematicians have been very busy hunting for 2D shapes. 

Maths Monsters Party

A very big thank you to all the parents and carers who came to the Maths Monsters Party. We hope that it helped you to understand how and what your children are learning at school and that it gave you some fun ideas of how you can support mathematical learning at home. 

Maths Monster has already started his family visits so expect a house guest very soon! 


Community Week

We had lots of fun exploring our local community. We went on walks around Southdown, visited the park and the garden centre, climbed right to the top of Roundhill and even went on a bus ride into Bath town centre. Have a look at all the things that we spotted on our journeys. Meanwhile... back at school the children were busy writing cards and carefully weighing ingredients for cakes. We gave these to say thank you to some of the people in our community who help us. Were you lucky enough to receive one?


Term 3 Week 4


Term 3 Week 2


What a chilly week! We have been outside looking for signs of winter and the cold weather was definitely one! We have enjoyed singing our new songs and we are already getting really good at telling our story, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' We have been using positional language this week e.g. on, in, under, next to, in front, behind. Maybe you could practise using these words at home too?


It has been great to welcome Amy back this week and we are looking forward to Tracy being back on Monday. We are so glad that they are both feeling better.


Our 'Tiddlers' are settling in well and it has been lovely to see the other children showing them around and helping them to feel at home.


FROGS... a date for your diary... Come to our MMMonster party on February 6th at 1.45pm. See our invitation below. 

Term 3 Week 1


Welcome back after the Christmas holiday. We would like to say a big 'Thank you' for all the lovely cards and presents that we received. We hope that you and your families had a merry Christmas and we wish you a wonderful 2018.


Welcome to our new 'Tiddlers' who are joining our Tadpoles this year. We look forward to getting to know you and having lots of fun together.


Have a look below at our new 'song dice' songs that we will be singing this term. You can also see our storymaking story, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' We will be adding the story map soon...

Term 2 Week 5

This week was Maths week. What a lot of fun we had. Have a look at the slide show to see some of the things we have been doing.


Christmas has now arrived! Don't forget that we need  Nativity costumes for the dress rehearsal on Monday morning - the rest of the school are in for a real treat! 


Term 2 Week 4

This week in Sunbeams there has been lots of learning going on...

Now that winter is on the way we have been busy making bird feeders and finding out the names of some of the birds that we see visiting our garden. We have been learning how to follow instructions carefully to make biscuits for the snack bar and In the Jungle we have been counting and measuring. The meadow has been full of 'Pirates' busy writing messages in bottles and writing their directions of where to find the treasure. The Tadpole have enjoyed 'Sunshine Circles' and have been learning to use gentle hands for their peer massage. 

Finally... A big THANK YOU to all of you who came along to the Advent Concert at Bath Abbey on Thursday evening. It is such an amazing opportunity for the children and I am sure you will all agree that we stole the show! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Here are the new sounds for this week...





Learning Together

Phonics Workshop 

A Big thank you to all the Frog parents and carers that joined us for our Phonics workshop today. We hope you found it helpful and enjoyed seeing a little glimpse of how we teach phonics in Sunbeams. We would love for you to join us for DEAR Time  (guided reading sessions) or our daily phonics sessions so watch out for the sign up sheets  that will be on our 'Learning Together' wall soon. Here are the sounds that we have learnt so far...














Term 2 Week 3

The first few weeks have flown by this term and they have been crammed full of wonderful learning opportunities. These include...being nature detectives,  learning about shape and size, reading, writing and physical challenges. Have a look at our photos to see the learning in action.


This week was also Anti-bullying week. Our activities were based on the story 'You be You' by Linda Kranz and we all painted a pebble fish to celebrate our individuality and uniqueness. We will be adding these to the whole school display that will be appearing very soon.  

Song Dice Term 2

Term 1 Week 7


We have made it to the end of the first term and we are all ready to have a relaxing holiday.

This week was Time Travel Week. Thank you for sending in so many of your beautiful baby photos. We loved sharing them with our friends and we had some fantastic discussions about how we have grown and changed. Here are just a few - can you guess who they are? 



We would like to say a big thank you all the grown ups who joined us for our first Learning Together Workshop on Thursday afternoon. We hope you enjoyed our storymaking and singing as much as we enjoyed performing for you! Keep your eyes open for the date of our next workshop coming soon. 


Despite everyone feeling a little tired at the end of such a busy term we still managed to squeeze in lots of learning with our friends in Sunbeams Time. In the Jungle this week we have been learning about shape, space and measures as we took on the Construction Challenge: 'Can you build a tower that is taller than a metre?' We needed to use many of our gem powers too - bouncebackability (Emerald), taking on a challenge, (Azurite) and teamwork, (Topaz). 


Finally.... don't miss the First Class photos in this weeks Bath Chronicle!

Term 1 Week 6


'Chop, chop choppity chop. Chop off the bottom and chop off the top!

What we have left we can put in the pot

Chop, chop, choppity chop!'


Sunbeams have been having fun exploring some massive pumpkins this week. We have used our senses to look, smell and feel and have enjoyed pulling out the squidgy, slimy, slippery seeds! 

In the Meadow, we have been very busy role-playing in our new kitchen. It has real food and Frankie even made us a washing machine! We have been building some fantastic models using the recyclable materials in the workshop and have taken on the challenge of joining boxes and containers together using tape and glue. 

Our dinosaur writing box has been extremely popular and we have been doing lots of emergent writing with our special dinosaur pens.


Frogs... show your grown-ups the invitation below, as they are invited to come in to listen to us sing next Thursday.



Singing & Storymaking Workshop

Our Term 1 song dice


Every term we focus on different songs, poems and rhymes. Please click below to find out what we are singing this term. Your child will help you to sing along.

Happy singing! 

Term 1 Week 5


We have had a lovely week in Sunbeams with sooo much learning going on all over the place!


The mud kitchen has been a huge success and Tracy has been blown away and had an amazing time out in the back garden with children making leaf men inspired by the pictures from the book 'Leaf Man'.  The children have also really loved using our digging area this week and there has been lots of maths involving counting worms and recording numbers in various different ways.  (Take a look at the lovely pictures below)


The children are also enjoying the messy play and sensory activities that have been going on in the swamp, apologies if some children have come home looking like they've been working in a bakery!!  We have had so much fun drawing in the flour!  Watch this space for some more fun in the swamp next week...........!




Term 1 Week 4


It has been an exciting week in Sunbeams.  Our frogs have done brilliantly well in their first week full-time and we are looking forward to our tadpoles starting their full sessions next week.


The children sang amazingly in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL in our harvest assembly for their performance of 'Bouncing on a Tractor', we are so proud of them. 


We have had a new Mud Kitchen arrive in the back garden today (very kindly made and delivered for us by Barry) with REAL running water!!! How exciting frown We are all looking forward to using it next week, watch this space for pictures of our mud pies and potions next week!


Please take a look at the pictures below for just some of the things we have been busy doing.  These are a really great prompt to use to talk with your child about what they have been doing, especially when you get the usual response of a 3/4 year old that they have been doing nothing all day (which quite clearly they haven't!!)


We can't wait for another exciting week of adventures........



Term 1 Week 3


We have had another busy week in Sunbeams as you will see from the pictures below!


The frogs have enjoyed staying for lunch this week and all colour groups have met their friends from the other half of their class, the fun really begins next week with all frogs in together!!


The tadpoles are settling really well and we look forward to your two lunch sessions next week.


Take a look at our 'Term 1 Song Dice' to find out about all of the lovely songs and rhymes we are starting to learn.



As Autumn sets in please remember to bring your raincoat even if it is sunny when you come to might not stay that way all day!!


Tadpoles - remember to pay online if you will be having a school dinner next week or bring your lunchbox along with you.

Welcome Back!

All the Sunbeams Team would like to welcome back the families that were with us

last year and say a big hello to all the new families that have joined us this year. 


We are off to a flying start. Our home visits are all completed and the children have all begun their induction. They are already becoming familiar with the routines and they are becoming confident to explore all the different areas of the setting.  Have a look at the slide show to see some of the things that they have been doing this week. 


We have introduced the Learning Power Gems (see below) and the children are very enthusiastic about earning gems to put in the treasure chest. 


Don't forget that you are welcome to take a book from out caterpillar book case to share at bedtime with your child. Please feel free to change these as often as you like. 



  • Frogs ~ please bring your book bag to school everyday and make sure you attach a keyring to help you to recognise your bag. 
  • Frogs ~ Sigh up to 'Meet the Teachers' ~ These meeting are for families who didn't have a home visit this year (children who were Tadpoles last year) so that we can update your All About Me information. 
  • ALL CHILDREN ~ Please make sure your child brings a coat to school. We go outside all year round regardless of the weather!
  • Please bear in mind that induction times change next week as the children begin to stay for lunch, so check your timetable carefully! 



















Thursday 20th is PARTY DAY!


Don't forget to wear your party clothes and your dancing shoes!

We have had so much fun this week!


The Frogs were very well-behaved on our trip to Bristol Zoo. The weather was kind to us and we saw lots of amazing animals. We particularly enjoyed our 'Minibeasts and Me' workshop.



Thank you to all the parents who came in for the Tadpole Celebration Day on Monday.


It is always lovely to share your children's achievements with you and we had lots of fun bouncing!


Tuesday 4th July @2.00pm:   Parents of Frogs can meet the new Yr 1 Teachers


Wednesday 5th July @ 1 - 2pm: New Tadpoles 'Stay and Play' session


Thursday 6th July: Transition Day - Frogs will visit their Yr1 classes

                                                           - New Frogs 'Stay and Play


Monday 10th July:  Frogs Trip to Bristol Zoo. Please make sure you have returned your permission slip to the office


Wednesday 12th July @ 2pm: Storytime for New Tadpoles


Thursday 13th July @ 2pm: Storytime for New Frogs


Friday 14th July @3pm: Summer Fete. 





Hand Washing

This week we had a visit from a nurse. She taught us all about when we need to wash our hand and how to was our hands properly. out germs - we are now expert hand washers! 

What great athletes we have in Sunbeams this year! We had a great Spots Day and really had a chance to show of some of our Gem Powers;

Topaz: for great teamwork

Azurite: for taking on a challenge

Emerald: for trying our best and showing great 'bouncebackability'

Thank You to all the families that came along to cheer us on. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

At the start of Term 6 we were very excited to get a letter from Betty Butterfly asking us to look after her baby caterpillars. We took very good care of them and we have loved watching them grow and change. This week it was time for the big release. 
We have been making the most of the lovely weather... but we have still been working hard! Have a look at some of the things we have been up to this week.
WOW! What a fantastic Diversity week we had. We  would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all the families that came in to help us celebrate the diversity that we have in Sunbeams. Did you know that this year there are 16 different languages spoken by our families! 

As you will see from the photos from this week the children have been having fun learning about shapes. They have been making models and pictures using 2D and 3D shapes. Through these activities and with help from the adults, they have been learning about the properties and names of the shapes.


Despite the wet weather we have been learning outdoors too. The children have been using 1, 3 and 5 minute sand timers when waiting for their turn on the bikes. There have been some wonderful examples of negotiating and persuading going on too ~ especially for the 1 minute timer so that they get a turn sooner!


All the hard work in our garden is beginning to pay off. The children have been very excited to see how much quickly the seeds that we planted are growing. They have enjoyed planting them out and have been studying the different parts of plants. 


Finally, there was a real buzz of excitement in the Forest when we discovered that some of our tadpoles had turned into froglets! We hope they enjoy their new home in our pond. They certainly seemed to be enjoying a bit of sunshine. 


Next week is Diversity week and we will be celebrating the amazing range of cultural backgrounds of our families in Sunbeams. We have lots of great activities planned for the children and we would love you to be involved too! Please let us know If you would like to come in to read a story or teach us a rhyme/song in your home language or even to do some cooking or a craft with the children.  

We hope you all enjoyed the extra day off for May Day. As you can see from the photographs, the Tadpoles and Tiddlers have been dancing around the Maypole in celebration. They have also taken lots of walks to the secret garden - noticing features in the environment and seeing what changes have taken place over the last couple of weeks. We are very lucky to have such a beautiful place to visit.


Even though we have only had 4 days in school this week, we have still been very busy. Look at the fantastic writing we have been doing - we have really enjoyed making cards for our friends and family and writing 'workshop passes' before we make a model. The Frogs have also been learning about 'subtraction' or 'taking away,' which is why we have sent home a maths challenge to practise counting backwards. We have also played games to help us to say a number that is one more or one less.


In the swamp, we have had 'Razzle, Dazzle, Shine' challenges when painting:


  • Razzle - using the ready-mixed paints to paint a picture
  • Dazzle - mixing the water colour paints with water
  • Shine - making our own paints with powder and water and mixing our own colours


We have enjoyed trying our best and taking on a challenge and we have persevered when we have found it tricky!


We all smiled our biggest smiles on Thursday when we had our class photographs. You will be able to buy one soon...



Term 5 Song Dice

Maths Monster Workshop

Term 4, Week 5


A BIG 'thank you' to all of you who attended our Parent-Teacher meetings this week. It is always a pleasure to catch up and share your children's progress with you. Don't forget, there are more meetings after school on Monday and Tuesday this week. Timetables can be found outside the Meadow and the Jungle.


On Tuesday, it was 'National Poetry Day.' We enjoyed sharing different poems and Red and Blue frogs went on a springtime walk that inspired them to write their own poems. You can read the results of our ideas below...


Mums, we hope you liked your Mothers Day cards and we hope you all had a relaxing, but fun-filled Sunday!


Don't forget our Maths Monster workshop on  Monday April 3rd at 9.00am. See you in the little hall!

Our Springtime Poems

 Term 4 Week 5 


Term 4 Week 4 ~ Roundhill Gets Active!

Phew! What a lot of excercise we got this week. Here are some of the things we got up to...

  • We ran 4 laps of the field to 'Move a mile'.
  • We went for walks up Roundhill.
  • We enjoyed taking part in Rugby.
  • We had a baton twirling lesson.
  • We played running and chasing games outside.
  • We had fun when some grown ups came into school to teach us some new playground games.
  • We showed off our talents in the 'Roundhill has got talent' assembly.
  • On Shoesday Tuesday we had a parade in our blinged up shoes.
  • Our favourite activity was moving and dancing to Go Noodle. You can follow the link below to sign up for a home account - it's FREE and a really fun way to get more active at home. 

This week our Nature Detectives have been busy looking for signs that spring has arrived. They found daffodils, new buds and shoots, cherry blossom and even some frogspawn. 

In the meadow, our writers have been busy making treasure maps and writing directions of how to find the treasure. In the role play area we have been writing party invitations. 

In the Jungle, the children have been playing games with their friends to help them to recognise and use numbers to 20. 

In the swamp, our artists have been very creative, making beautiful and detailed observational drawings of tulips.  


Don't forget...

Next week is 'Roundhill Gets Active Week'. Children will need PE Kits and trainers or daps EVERY DAY.


Sign up for Frog Parent Teacher Meetings.




Dates for your diary:


There will be Parent-Teacher Meetings for the Frogs soon. You can sign up for these on the timetables on our 'Learning Together' board.


Red & Blue Groups - March 20th from 8.30am until 3pm

Orange & Purple Groups - March 21st from 8.30am until 3pm


We will also be offering later appointments between 3pm and 6pm on March 27th & March 28th


Don't miss our 'Maths Monster' workshop on April 3rd at 9am

Term 4, Week 2

Book Week


We have had a fantastic week celebrating book week. We love books every week of the year, but this week was extra special!


We read a story called, "The Dot" and did a lot of activities linked to this book. We enjoyed making dotty pictures with paint indoors and with mud outside. We played dotty games in the front garden - running, jumping, hopping and skipping between the dots. It was very tiring, but lots of fun. We also did dotty number and writing activities.


The storybox theatre came on Thursday and told the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' As always, it was a fantastic experience, with the children getting lots of opportunities to use their imagination and everyone helping to tell the story. Lots of us came back in our pyjamas in the dark for a bedtime story, cookies and hot chocolate. The grown-ups also had a story told to them. We hope you enjoyed it.


We have also been learning the story of 'The BFG' by Roald Dahl. This led to us writing our own stories about dreams, so we have all been authors this week. Friday was our Roald Dahl dressing up day. Can you guess which characters the grown-ups and Tadpoles are in the photos below?


Not only was it book week, but also 'Shrove Tuesday.' We enjoyed making (and eating) pancakes and we had pancake races outside. There were some champion pancake flippers!

'A Pond of Dreams' by Tadpoles & Tiddlers

Here are our song dice songs for Term 4

Term 4 Week 1


Wow! What an exciting start to our term.


A big 'Thank You' to all the parents and carers that came along to our reading workshop this week. We know that you all enjoyed meeting Captain Read-a-lot and his sidekick Book Buddy and we hope that it will be useful in helping your child with their reading at home. Don't forget that you can sign up to watch a phonics and/or DEAR time (guided reading) session. The sign up sheets are on our 'Learning Together' board. 


In Literacy this week, the Frogs have been writing captions and in Maths we have been playing games to help us to recognise numbers up to 20. There has been lots of learning going on in Sunbeams time too. Have a look at the slide show to see us problem solving, learning how to keep fit, weighing and measuring and using our imaginations. 


Term 3, Week 6


Happy end of term, everyone.


We cannot believe that we are halfway through our year. Time really does fly when you are having fun!


We have enjoyed a 'Friendship week' this week, when we have been even more friendly and kind than usual. We have been busy mixing the correct colours and painting portraits of our friends in the swamp. Come and have a look at the finished results hanging in our gallery. We have been collaborating to build models with our friends inside and outdoors and we have been making heart-shaped biscuits to share with our friends at our cooking station. In the meadow, we have been designing superheroes and thinking about their kind superpowers.


The tadpoles have had lots of visits to the secret garden, where they have had lots of fun exploring together.


On Wednesday, the frogs had a special treat when we had a visit from Mike and all his birds of prey.  All the birds were fabulous! Look at the beautiful photographs below!


Thank you to all the Mums and Dad  who came in this week to observe orange and purple groups' phonic and guided reading sessions. Red and Blue groups parents, you are welcome to sign up too. Just write your name on the timetable on the 'Learning at Home' board outside the Jungle. 


DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: We will have a reading meeting on Wednesday, February 22nd at 2.00pm in the little hall. Come along and find out more about helping your child learn to read. Captain Readalot and his sidekick, Book Buddy will be there and they will be bringing a gift for you and your child! 


Finally, we wish you a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you all safe and sound on February 20th...

Term 3 Week 5


A big Thank You to all the families who came along to our phonics workshop this week. We really enjoyed sharing some of the phonics activities that we do with the children at school and we hope that you found it helpful. Don't forget, that if you would like some more ideas to help you to support your child at home, you can sign up to come into school to observe our guided reading or phonics sessions. The sheets are on our 'Learning Together' display outside the Jungle. 


Have a look at the slide show below to see examples of the learning that has been going on in Sunbeams this week. In the Meadow we have been writing about dinosaurs. There has been lots of maths work going on in the Jungle as we continue to learn about shapes and to recognise and order numbers. Outside we have been playing running and chasing games and observing the effect of exercise on our bodies. In the Swamp we loved using our new light table and we have been learning how to make wax resist pictures. Last but not least, our Nature Detectives have been out and about bird watching. They were very excited to spot a beautiful bullfinch. 


Finally, we would like to say a big Thank You to Tracy's dad and Wendy the  Artist who have painted a fantastic tree in the forest. Please pop into the forest to admire it!

Term 3 Week 4


Happy Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi


This week, we have been finding out all about Chinese New Year and we have enjoyed learning the story of the animal swimming race and how the new year was named. Did you know that this year is the year of the rooster?


We have practised doing Chinese writing and have tried Chinese food at the snack bar. It is very tricky eating noodles with chopsticks, but we have been persevering! We have also been dressing up in Chinese costumes and doing Chinese ribbon dancing in the performance area.


We have enjoyed the frosty weather and have wrapped up well to go on our winter walks. We have begun to see signs of spring in our secret garden and next week, we will be observing the birds in our grounds as part of the Great British Bird Watch. What birds can you spot around Roundhill and in your gardens?

Phase 3 set 3





Term 3 week 3


Our focus for this week continues to be about 'Living long, Living strong' and we have been thinking about healthy eating and exercising. We have made the most of the lovely January weather and have all enjoyed some welly walks to the Secret Garden and the copse. In the meadow we have been writing labels for our pictures and making shopping lists (for healthy food of course!) and in the Jungle we have been playing games to help us to recognise and order numbers. In the Swamp we have been having a go at a new creative technique called 'wax resist'. Have a look in the gallery at our art work. 


Finally we are please to say that our Phonics Workshop will go ahead on Thursday 2nd February @ 2.00pm in the Small Hall. 


Here are the 1st 2 sets of our Phase 3 Jolly Phonics sounds...








Term 3 Week 2


It has been wonderful to be back in Sunbeams for a full week.


Our new Tadpoles (Tiddlers) are settling in really well and all the Tadpoles and Frogs have been very kind friends, showing them what to do and helping them to find their way around.

At our snack bar this week, we have been talking about how we look after ourselves and ways to keep ourselves clean and why this is important.

Outside, we have been taking part in jump challenges: jumping in and out of hoops, jumping off tyres and climbing up three steps and jumping off! We have been trying really hard to remember to bend our knees and keep our feet together.

We have also been doing lots of counting, numeral recognition and ordering of numbers, completing surveys to find out our favourite fruit and vegetables, writing using our 'Minion writing box,' retelling the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and gaining control when using glue and glue spreaders.

The Frogs have started learning their Phase 3 letter sounds this week. Once again, we are sorry that we had to postpone our 'Phonics workshop' on Thursday, but we hope to rearrange it very soon.



Thursday January 12th 2017


We are very sorry, but due to staff illness, our phonic workshop this Thursday is cancelled. We will rearrange it and let you know the new date as soon as possible.


Watch this space...

Term 3

The Sunbeams Team would like to wish you a Happy New Year and to say a big thank you for all the Christmas cards and gifts that we received. 


As the new term begins, we welcome all the new children and families that are joining us. This term, we will be learning about how to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We will be learning to tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and if you would like to sing along with some of the songs we are learning too, make sure that you have a look at our new song dice document below. 


Don't forget ...


Phonics Workshop 

Thursday 12th January @ 2pm


The Frogs are really looking forward to showing you how we learn our letter sounds at school, and teaching you some activities and games that you can play at home. 

Term 3 Song Dice Songs

End of Term 2

What a lovely way to end this term.

We hope you will agree that the children were amazing in their performances of the Nativity Story.  We enjoyed a delicious Christmas Lunch, we had great fun at our Christmas Party and on Friday we had a visit from a VERY special visitor!  


So at the end of a very busy Term the Sunbeams Staff would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  


Coming soon...

Don't miss the phonic workshop for the Frogs.




Only 17 more sleeps 'til Christmas...


and Sunbeams is a very exciting place to be!


We have been busy making cards, decorating, reading Christmas stories, opening our advent calendars, going on winter walks and engaging in all types of Christmas activities. Outside, we have been building Santa's sleigh and role-playing. We have also taken part in a 'boot camp' in the front garden: flipping tyres and skipping. We're going to be fit in time for Christmas! 


Our Nativity rehearsals are going really well and we cannot wait to perform for you next week. Don't forget to get your tickets from the school office for Monday afternoon at 2.00pm or Tuesday morning at 9.15am. Also, if you haven't sent in your child's costume yet, we need it urgently!


Next week, we also have our Christmas party on Thursday 15th, so the children can wear party clothes all day. We will provide party food.

Frogs, we have sent home new Level 1 books today, our first books with words! If you have read your books on Bug Club, we have allocated new books here as well.


We will also be sending home sheets tomorrow for you to practise writing your name at home. Start on the red dot for each letter and don't forget to say the rhyme as you form the letter. You can practise writing your name correctly as you write in all your Christmas cards.

Here is our last set of Phase 2 'Jolly Phonics' letter sounds





Term 2 Week 5

We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents that came along to support us at the Abbey. We are probably a little bit biased, but, we think that our Frogs stole the show! They definitely had the loudest cheer of the evening and we were very proud of them. 


Following that wonderful performance, our Nativity is well under way. It is definitely not to be missed, so grab your tickets from the office and bring in costumes asap.



  • Friday 2nd December ~ Christmas Fayre
  • Winter Walks ~ Every week the Frogs will be visiting the 'Secret Garden' so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and don't forget wellies. 


Set 3 & 4 letter sounds: 







Term 2 week 3

Another week in Sunbeams has flown by. Take a look at the slide show below to see some of the exciting learning that we have been doing this week.


This week was National Anti-bullying Week. We have been learning about what bulling is (and what it isn't) and we know  how and where to get help. We all signed up to our school anti-bullying charter - 'A Safe Place To Be Me' with a handprint. 


Next week - Thursday 24th November, the Frogs are performing 'Alleluia' at the Abbey. We have been busy practicing and we hope you will enjoy it. If you have't already returned your permission slip please do so asap! 



  • Wellies - We go outside EVERY day regardless of the weather so please bring in a names pair of wellies for you child. You can leave these in a carrier bag on their peg. (A spare set of clothes s a good idea too!)

A great BIG thank you...


to all of you who attended our Tadpole 'open mornings' this week. It is always a pleasure to share your child's learning journey with you and we really do value your support and participation in your child's school life.


Thank you also to the Frog parents who came to our 'Singing & Storymaking' workshop on Tuesday. We had lots and lots of fun and we hope you did too!


Today, the Frogs have taken home a letter giving details of the 'Bath Abbey Advent Concert' at which we will be singing on November 24th. We hope you will all be able to come, as it is a unique opportunity for the children and a beautiful start to the countdown to Christmas.


As you can see from our photographs below, we have had another busy week in Sunbeams. We have enjoyed playing games with dice in the Jungle and have been finding out about our friends' favourite colours ~ can you see our fantastic mathematical mark-making? We have used autumn leaves to make leaf rubbings and paintings and looked for signs of autumn in our school grounds. We have begun our cooking activities and made biscuits by ourselves. We have done really well following the recipe instruction cards and we have also given instructions to friends, so that they can make the biscuits too! In the Meadow, we have been practising retelling the story of the 'Enormous Turnip.' If you ask us at home, we might teach you the story...

Here are the letter sounds the Frogs have learnt this week. Don't forget to decorate your letter sound book over the weekend, as the more we practise our letter sounds the better readers and writers we will be!

Jolly Phonics Set 2


Jolly Phonics Set 2


Jolly Phonics Set 2


Jolly Phonics Set 2


Welcome Back!

We have had a very busy start to our new term.  Our week began with an exciting drama workshop for the Frogs. They did some fantastic acting as they went on a round the world adventure. Lots of other exciting learning has been going on indoors and outside. Have a look at the slide show below to see what we have been doing. 


Desperately Needed!  Wellies. 

As you will see from the photos, the children learn outdoors regardless of the weather. It is getting rather muddy now, so, please can you bring in a named pair of wellies for your child to leave on their peg.


A very BIG thank you to all the parents that came to the Parent Teacher meetings this week. It is so important that we work together to give your child the very best opportunities to reach their full potential. If you didn't attend please make a new appointment with Cathy or Tracy. 



NEXT WEEK... Don't miss the Tadpole open mornings! These are a lovely opportunity to have a look at your child's Learning Diary and to discuss their progress with your Keyworker.  

The Frogs are hosting a Singing Workshop on Tuesday @ 9.00 am so come along for a sing-a-long with your child. 


Finally, the Frogs have begun to learn their first set of letter sounds and they are bringing home their Jolly Phonic Sound Book to decorate at home with you. You can click on the sound files below to hear the correct way to say each sound. 



Jolly Phonics Set 1


Jolly Phonics set 1


Jolly Phonics Set 1


Jolly Phonics Set 1


Poem of the month

We cannot believe that we have come to the end of our first term. The time has gone so quickly. It must be because of all the fun we've had!


We would like to say a big 'Thank you' to all the parents who attended our 'Learning at Home' meeting this afternoon. We really do appreciate your support in helping to give your child the best possible start to his/her learning journey through our school and we hope that you found the information useful.


The Tadpoles have some exciting homework to do this holiday linked to colours and 'Little Red Riding Hood' and the Frogs will be able to log on to 'Bug Club' for the first time. Have fun!


This week, we have been continuing to practise our ball skills outside and really persevering to master new skills. We have also been bug hunting, but we think that lots of them have gone to sleep for the winter. Inside, we have enjoyed exploring pumpkins to make Hallowe'en lanterns. They felt slimy and there were so many seeds! We have also made shape pictures and role-played 'teachers.' Have a look here...



Have a wonderful break. Keep safe. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, November 1st.

This Week in Sunbeams...


What another busy week we have had! This week we have had a big focus on physical skills.


We have been making the most of the lovely autumnal weather. In the front garden we have been focusing on our gross motor skills. Have a look at the slide show to see the different activities that we have been doing to develop the muscles in our arms. This will help us to get ready to write.

Meanwhile, in the Jungle, we have been having fun with a new resource called 'GoNoodle'. It has lots of dancing games and physical activities that are helping us to get moving and keep fit.

In the Meadow the cutting tray has been very busy as we have been practising our scissor skills. 

After all that activity we have enjoyed a well deserved healthy snack. Don't miss the photos of the 'shrunken heads'  that appeared in our snack bar this week. We have had fun watching them change over the week.


Don't Forget...

Please join us for our 'Learning at home' meeting  on Thursday 20th October 2.00pm

Parent Teacher Meetings:

Orange & Purple group :  Tuesday 1st November / Wednesday 2nd November

Red & Blue group:             Tuesday 1st November / Friday 4th November  

please sign up on the sheets outside the classrooms.

What another wonderful week in Sunbeams!


We have all enjoyed being active outside: using the small apparatus, exploring the adventure playground and persevering on the balance bikes. We have been earning lots of gems for our treasure chests by being kind friends and taking on a challenge and we're becoming really independent when accessing resources and activities.


The Frogs have taken home their first reading books today. Grown-ups, can you help us to make up a story using the pictures and write a quick message in our reading record? Don't forget, you can change our reading book and our 'book at bedtime' in the 'Book Nook' when we've read them at home.


Our 'Nursery Rhyme of the week' is Hickory Dickory Dock.

Check out the dates of our Learning meetings and workshops...

It's been another busy week in Sunbeams!


The Frogs have started their focused learning times and have done PE for the first time today. Please help us to practise taking off our shoes, socks and jumpers (and putting them on again!) Tomorrow, we are sending home our first piece of homework. We hope you enjoy playing 'I-spy' together and colouring in the pictures.


We have enjoyed using our 'Mud Kitchen' and playing with the water outside, while the sun is still shining...



Here is our 'Nursery Rhyme of the Week'...

What an exciting week!


We have enjoyed exploring the Meadow, the Jungle, the Swamp, the Forest, the snack bar and our outside areas. We have been learning our 'Sunshine rules' which help to keep us safe and happy in Sunbeams and enable us to do lots of learning. By following our 'Sunshine rules' and using our gem powers, we have been earning gems for our treasure chests. Today, we had a treat as our treasure chests were full!


Lunchtimes have been very exciting and we are SO independent already. We have been collecting our food and tidying away after ourselves.


Look at these lovely photographs of us learning through play this week...

Find out about our 'Sunshine rules' here...

Here are the songs we will be singing on our song dice this term. You can also find out about our 'Nursery Rhyme of the week' and our 'Poem of the week.'

Welcome to a new year in Sunbeams 2016-2017.


We enjoyed meeting all our new friends on our home visits and we have had a very successful start to our year. Don't forget to look out for the photographs in each key worker area to see what fun things we've been doing!


We are looking forward to next week when we will all be in together and the real fun begins...



The children have created a short film to tell you about some of things they have enjoyed doing in Sunbeams.

A Tour Of Sunbeams 2015-2016

Still image for this video