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Welcome to Maple Class

Class Teacher - Mrs. Ania Woods

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Fleur Dash

Teaching Assistant - Miss Chloe Morrissey

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs. Mell Pincott



We are delighted to be teaching the children of Maple Class. 


All children in Maple Class know exactly why we make so much effort to come to school every day. We want to learn! That is why we challenge ourselves on each day of the week, working hard to get better at producing neat handwriting, create delightful pieces of writing and know more about the world surrounding us. We work hard on improving our behaviour and always being kind to one another.


Please ensure that your child arrives to school on time so that they don't miss any of their learning.


On this page you can find links to the learning throughout the year including:

  • The Yearly Curriculum overview (being revised)
  • The English overview (being revised)
  • The Mathematics overviews for both Year 3 and Year 4 
  • The current Topic Web


P.E. & Swimming

We have P.E. on Tuesdays and I would like all children to bring their kit every week. They need a T-shirt, shorts and daps or trainers.

Maple Class will participate in swimming lessons in term 3 on Mondays and Tuesdays. The class is divided into ability groups and the lessons for each of them takes place once a week. All children should bring their swimming kit to be able to take part in the swimming lesson on one of those days.


Poppies & Parsnips

As we provide our pupils with the outdoor learning on Wednesday morning, all children need to keep a pair of wellies in school.



Spellings are set weekly to be returned by the next Tuesday.

Each child has a login to the ActiveLearn platform, where appropriate Maths games and books are allocated.

It would also be beneficial to read with your child at home, as often as possible.


We will be updating the page on a regular basis to keep you up to date with the recent learning as you might want to extend their learning at home.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries about your child learning or well-being.

Birds of Prey

Our learning – week beginning 30th January


It is hard to believe that we are slowly approaching the end of term 3. As always, we have worked hard and had a busy week.

In English we started learning about a persuasion letter. We looked into examples and found the features. It helped us to understand what our own writing should look like. Then we moved into creating persuasive writing to convince the chief, Stoic the Vast and the whole tribe, not to send the boys into exile. We used conjunctions to explain why, emotive language, rhetorical questions and sequencing connectives.

In Maths we carried on exploring division. We used concrete resources, number lines and multiplication facts to divide with and without remainders. We also worked on recognising and using factor pairs.

In Topic we discovered why Alfred the Great was great.

In PSHE we thought about including others and making them feel welcome in our community. We also talked about kindness to get ready for the Friendship week next week.


Our learning – week beginning 23rd January


In English we got to know the difference between Past Simple and Present Perfect tenses by using both tenses in sentences. We could then write a diary entry as Hiccup, the main character from the How to Train Your Dragon book using both tenses.

In Maths we carried on mastering our multiplication skills by looking into factor pairs, solving missing number problems and word problems. We also started learning about division. To help us understand what division is we used concrete resources to show division by grouping. Then we moved into using arrays and known multiplication facts to divide with and without remainders.

In Topic we watched a short clip and read a text to help us understand why Viking raids were so successful. We concentrated on Viking longships and their characteristics.

In Spanish we were forming simple sentences using animal names and numerals 1-10. Now we can say Here are seven dogs or Here are three cats.

In RE we discussed how we treat things that are special to us, which helped us to understand why Qur’an is special to Muslims.

In PSHE we worked in groups to make posters to help us remember the ways to calm down when we are upset.


Dividing in Maths

Our learning – week beginning 16th January


We are half way through this term already. We’ve been working as hard as ever.

In English we focused on using noun phrases and expanded noun phrases to create vivid descriptions of dragons. Reading Tell Me a Dragon helped us to spot some good examples. We practiced using different sentence openers, fronted adverbials and similes too. We also learnt what compound sentences are and used FANBOYS to merge simple sentences. We were then ready to use these conjunctions to describe our dragon’s movement and actions. The trickiest part was to edit and improve our writing.

In Maths we practiced using the grid method to multiply and then moved onto using expanded written method of multiplication. Some of us were challenged to try the formal written method of multiplication too. It helped us to solve problems quicker.

In Topic we got to learn some important dates about the Viking invasion. Using our Maths skills, we worked out how long ago the Vikings invaded Britain and how long they stayed for. We discussed the meaning of the word invasion and made some general notes to help us remember facts about the Vikings. We learnt which parts of Britain were invaded and labelled them on a map.

In ICT we started creating our comic strips by adding pictures and speech bubbles.

Our learning – week beginning 9th January


This week Dance Umbrella preparation has started. Our rehearsals will take place on Mondays. We also began our Swimming lessons. Our class will swim on Mondays and Tuesdays this term.

In English we started off by gathering ideas and planning our writing on how to catch a dragon. We came up with some interesting ideas and drew them. Children also recorded imperative verbs, adverbs and time connectives that they then used in their writing. It helped us to write a set of instructions. To be able to write a good instruction text we made dragon masks first, making notes of all the steps taken during the process. We used this experience on the following days to write the text, focusing on the layout and making sure that we include all features from our success criteria list.

In Maths we continued working on multiplication. We practised jumps on a number line to show multiplication as repeated addition. Some of us used our knowledge on 10 times table to reduce the amount of jumps and even to answer multiplication questions like 47 x 8. We also used known multiplication facts to multiply by 10s and 100s and solved some word problems.

In Topic we started learning about the Vikings. We watched a BBC clip to help us gather some facts and worked with a map to show Viking homelands.

In Science we recorded our observations made during an experiment on how water changes state.

In PSHE we discussed feelings and ways of calming down when upset.


Our learning – week beginning 3rd January


Welcome back after a long and well deserved Christmas break. Let’s hope that the New Year will be even better for us all than 2016 was.

This week we started reading the book of the term – How to Train Your Dragon. What a surprise it was to find a dragon egg in our playground on Wednesday. It helped us to think of some questions regarding the book. We also looked into instruction text and found its features. At the end of the week we worked in groups to write a set of instructions to make a fruit salad. We realised that instructions must be precise as our teacher made some funny mistakes when she followed what we had written. It helped us to improve our instructions.

In Maths we started learning about multiplication. We assessed our learning and practised using arrays to represent multiplication sentences and found patterns after investigating times tables.

In Science we conducted an experiment on ice cubes to learn about changing states.

In PSHE we discussed feelings and talked about new beginnings after reading a story about Sami.

It was a short, yet productive week.

The Child of the Week

Dylan McD- for persevering when working on improving his story

Great Emerald Power!

Our learning – week beginning 12th December


In English we worked with a partner to edit our stories. We also wrote the finished stories in our best handwriting, focusing on joining letters and spelling all the words correctly.

In Spellings we learnt more about homophones and used some of them in sentences, thinking carefully about choosing the right ones.

In Maths we worked on describing positions on a 2D grid as coordinates. We looked at a picture of the nativity scene and located people, animals and the stable. We also practised symmetrical drawings using one line of symmetry.

In Topic we finished making our volcanoes and made them erupt. It was exciting to see them all producing bicarbonate lava.

The whole school took part in our annual service in St. Barnabas church, where we sang carols and listened to some readings to help us celebrate Christmas.

Our class participated in a Christmas craft workshop, too. We made some Christmas decorations to take home.

On Friday we indulged in playing games, watching a Christmas movie and celebrating the end of this term with a class party.


Christmas Service at St Barnabas

Christmas Service at St Barnabas 1
Christmas Service at St Barnabas 2
Christmas Service at St Barnabas 3
Christmas Service at St Barnabas 4
Christmas Service at St Barnabas 5

The Child of the Week

Sophie- for being motivated and challenging herself with writing an adventure story

Great Azurite Power!

The Child of the Week

Jack- for taking pride in his work and helping others

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 5th December


This week, after countless rehearsals, we proudly performed in front of our parents and families in our annual nativity play The Match Girl’s Christmas. We acted, recited and sang. What a success it was!

In English we carried on creating our adventure stories. We were using many different sentence types and remembered to use descriptive language to add details to our stories. We incorporated direct speech into our stories to make them more interesting and to present the characters better.

In Spellings we learnt about homophones and chose appropriate words to fit our sentences.

In Maths we learnt about money. We started by creating different amounts of money using coins to show that we know the value of each of them. We also worked with a partner to add and subtract amounts of money and find how much change is needed. To help us do it we were pretending to be buying and selling fruit, vegetables and Christmas decorations. Using coins helped us to work out what change is needed.

In ICT we worked in small groups to plan comics. We had to think carefully about the theme and the show a story in three frames.

It was yet another busy and eventful week.

The Little Match Girl's Christmas

The Child of the Week

Zachary- for being enthusiastic about his learning

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 28th November


In English we put all our skills to practice while writing our adventure stories about Pompeii. We created settings descriptions remembering to use noun phrases, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. We also created suspense by using long and short sentences.

In Spellings we learnt that the suffix –ous changes words into adjectives. We practised writing words ending with –ous.

In Maths we practised solving 1-step word problems using bar modelling to help us understand whether to add or subtract to find the answer.

In Topic we continued learning about volcanoes. We also prepared our models of volcanoes by adding another layer of paper mache.

We were also working hard doing our nativity rehearsals this week.

The Child of the Week

Ines- for thinking carefully about her learning

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 14th November


It was the National Anti-Bullying Week. The E-team prepared an interesting assembly about a charter that they created for our school explaining the rules of treating others.

On Wednesday we took part in a Paper People Project organised by a lady who worked with the children in the Jungle in Calais. She came to talk to us about her charity work supporting refugee families abroad. She helped us to create people pictures for the child refugees in the camps and then will take the pictures to the children.

In Topic we started learning about volcanoes. We made models showing the layers of the Earth and labelled them. We also talked about the movement of tectonic plates over the last 250 million years. We also started our DT project for this term – we began to create volcanoes.

In English we were looking for evidence in Escape from Pompeii. We discussed the main character – Tranio and were able to get to know him better. It helped us to write a diary entry as Tranio. Then we read another few pages and concentrated on understanding how the mood changed from calm to worry. Conscience Alley helped us to understand how difficult the situation might have been for the children when they had to decide whether or not to stay in Pompeii when the eruption began. We finished by creating suspense in a recount of the escape.

In Maths we practised using informal and formal written methods of subtraction, focusing on borrowing from hundreds and tens. Some of us tried to deal with zero in the tens column. We used Base 10 to help us see what is happening when there isn’t enough to subtract 6 from 2 for example. We finished by solving problems involving addition and subtraction.


The Child of the Week

Freddie- for presenting resilience when improving his work

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 7th November


In English we started reading Escape from Pompeii. We began by predicting what the book might be about by looking closely at the front cover and the title. The children came up with some brilliant observations. Acting out the scene from the cover also helped us to understand the characters. Then we read some pages to be able to draw a map of Pompeii and locate all the most important places from the text on it. We also practised using fronted adverbials to make our settings description more interesting.

In Maths we carried on subtracting using number lines and expanded written method. We also started learning the 4 times table. Singing our times table helps us to memorise them.

In Science we finished learning about magnets by exploring magnetic poles and experimenting with magnets to see whether they attract or repel each other.

In Spanish we continued to learn animal names.

In ICT we talked about being safe online. We used thinkyouknow website to help us decide what to do in certain situations.

On Thursday we went on a cinema trip to watch Zootropolis. What a fabulous time we had!

A Cinema Trip

A Cinema Trip 1
A Cinema Trip 2

The Child of the Week

Ciera- for becoming a confident learner and challenging herself in Maths

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 31st October


Welcome back to term 2. This week we finished our Topic – The Romans. In Topic lesson we made some Roman inspired mosaics and learnt to sing Boudicca’s Rap. We also wrote some interesting Kennings about the Romans in English. We practised using the possessive apostrophe and discussed how prefixes im-, in- il- and ir- change the meaning of words. Inspired by a short animation, we faced a challenge of writing a story about a Roman soldier, who had to deliver a message from Caesar.

In Maths we were working on addition and subtraction. We started using number lines and partitioning to help us subtract.

In Spanish we started learning animal names and practised our new skills on a word search.

In RE we talked about being a human being and what is important to me. We also listened to the story of Adam and Eve.

Year 3 children took part in Dance Workshops. You can look at the pictures taken during the session. The children loved it!

On Friday we came to school dressed as ancient Romans and performed Boudicca’s Rap in front of the other classes during the celebration assembly. It was fun!


Our learning – week beginning 17th October


It was the last week of term 1. We worked hard and we will enjoy a well-deserved break.

In English we made notes from non-chronological reports about the Romans. We could choose different areas and learn something new about Roman food, baths, schools, shopping, clothes and much more. We concentrated on finding the most interesting and important facts and recorded them using subheadings and bullet points. This exercise allowed us to write paragraphs of our own non-chronological reports. We focused on using connectives and interesting sentence openers in our writing. We also remembered to use the past tense and place a subheading above each paragraph. We also practised finding irregular verb forms in the spelling session.

In Maths we sang the 3 times tables to help us to learn them by heart. We also carried on learning how to use extended method of columnar addition and conducted a number investigation on even, odd and consecutive numbers.

In Topic we learnt about Hadrian’s wall, discovering what it was needed for and who was it built by.

We were all waiting for the Thursday afternoon to be able to take part in the Halloween disco. We enjoyed it a lot!

The Child of the Week

Blake- for trying his best and never giving up

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 10th October


In English we worked hard on editing and improving our Roman myths, concentrating on using descriptive language and direct speech. We started looking into non-chronological reports and found the main features. It will help us to write one. We learnt how to take notes from a text and practised using bullet points and subheadings. We also wrote a dialogue between characters from a myth. We remembered to use inverted commas and interesting verbs instead of said.

In Maths we started learning about addition and subtraction. We practised adding ones, tens and hundreds to 3-digit numbers mentally. We used partitioning as one of the methods. Some of us enjoyed using Base Ten to help us find the answers.

In ICT we used Google to search for facts about the Romans.

In Topic we learnt about Boudicca’s rebellion and acted out in characters to help us understand different points of view.

In Spanish we practised using basic classroom instructions.

The Child of the Week

Esme - for facing each challenge with enthusiasm

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 3rd October


In English we learnt to punctuate direct speech. We also planned our own Roman myth and then applied our new skills to writing it. We concentrated on using adjectives, prepositions and expanded noun phrases to create vivid character and settings descriptions. We then incorporated direct speech into our writing to bring our characters to life. We practised adding suffix –ful in our spelling session.

In Maths we looked into rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Then we practised ordering numbers to 1000 and counted forwards and backwards including negative numbers. As we are learning about the Romans in Topic, we learnt about Roman numerals.

In Topic we were trying to understand why the Romans built new roads in Britain. We used maps to find and mark out some of the Roman roads. We also know how they were built to survive for thousands of years.

In Science we learnt about another force – friction and conducted an experiment. Using toy cars, we investigated the effect of friction on different surfaces by measuring how far the cars travelled. It was great fun!

In PSHE we talked about feelings. We expressed them on our faces and listened to a few pieces of music to help us evoke feelings, such as relaxed, scared and happy.

It was a busy week. Well done to all the children in Maple class for working hard.

The Child of the Week

Olivia - for creating vivid and detailed descriptions

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 26th September


In English we were perfecting our writing skills, focusing on using adjectives, expanded noun phrases and similes. We applied our newly acquired skills to creating character descriptions of a Roman God. We also practised spelling common words.

In Maths we looked into counting in steps. Some of us practised counting in 2s and 3s, some others in 4s, 5s, 8s, 50s and 100s, and the rest in 6s, 7s and 9s. We also compared numbers by using <, > and = signs. As a challenge we compared number sentences. We were finding 10, 100 and 1000 more and less than a given number.

In Science we learnt about two forces: pulling and pushing and contemplated how and when we use them in everyday life. The children faced a task of labelling actions as one of those two forces and had to think of their own examples.

In Circle Time we talked about being special. Each of us thought of and then presented their talent and the rest of us had to guess what it is. We are all special and important.

In ICT we were practising typing and editing our names, using some of the features of a Word document. We were experimenting with different fonts, sizes, colours, styles, position on the page, bold, italics and underlining. It will help us to use the program in the future.

The Child of the Week

Dylan McA - for being brave in the morning and working hard in Maths

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 19th September


Another busy week behind us. In English we were looking at improving our writing skills. This week we were focusing on settings description. We learnt about prepositions and how to use them in a sentence. We described a picture using prepositions in our sentences. We started using LIST sentences and thought of some interesting adjectives to incorporate into our writing. We read a text similar to the one we will attempt to write soon, and highlighted LIST sentences, similes and prepositions. We worked in groups to describe a palace shown on a picture, and then independently – remembering to use prepositions, similes, adventurous adjectives and LIST sentences.

In Maths we carried on learning about the place value. We looked into some reasoning problems and located numbers on a number line up to a thousand.

In Topic we learnt about the Roman invasions. We talked about the meaning of BC and AD and could answer a few questions, that the pupils wanted to find answers to. We know that the Romans spoke Latin and what a legion is, we are familiar with the names of two Roman emperors: Julius Ceasar and Claudius and we know that the Celts were defending Britain.

In Spanish we sang a song to learn greetings, how to introduce ourselves and how to ask about someone’s name.

On Thursday and Friday, we had the pleasure of learning to swim. We enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait for our next session.

The Child of the Week

Bhavisha - for presenting immaculate behaviour and working extremely hard in all subjects

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 12th September


It was the second week of our Mark Making. Maple class was memorising a poem by T. H. Palmer – Try Try Again, which they performed brilliantly on Friday during the assembly. We were also producing some Mark Making for our display and copying the poem in our best handwriting.

In English we were retelling a myth about King Midas and got familiar with another one about Neptune and Minerva. We had to sequence the events and draw illustrations to help us understand the plot. We also kept practising the spelling of high frequency words.

In Maths we focused on representing numbers, recording them using numerals and words and recognising the place value of each digit. These skills will help us to be able to add and subtract numbers.

We will start swimming sessions next week. Please ensure that your child brings their swimming kit on Monday, ready to be used on Thursday and Friday.


The Child of the Week

Lexie - for presenting immaculate behaviour and taking part in a class discussion

Well done!

Our learning – week beginning 5th September 2016


After a long holiday we finally came back to school. It has been a joy to get to know all the children in Maple class. We talked about the school rules and discussed the behavioural rules too. We visited the Library and the ICT suite. This week we were revising some high frequency words and practiced spelling them.

In English we read a Roman myth about the King Midas, sequenced the events and thought carefully about creating a freeze frame to show our understanding of the myth.

In Maths we started looking into place value and practised identifying, recording and representing numbers.

In the afternoons we were doing Mark Making focusing on the presentation of our work and began to learn a poem, which we will perform next week.

Because our topic this term is The Romans, we have an exciting trip planned: we will be visiting The Roman Baths.