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Welcome to Laurel Class

Class Teachers- Mrs Kate Freegard and Miss Clare Stephens


We are delighted to be teaching the children of Laurel Class!


On this page you can find links to the learning throughout the year including:

  • The Yearly Curriculum overview
  • The English overview (being revised)
  • The Mathematics overviews for both Year 3 and Year 4 
  • The current Topic Web


We will be updating the page on a regular basis to keep you up to date with the recent learning as you might want to extend their learning at home. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


Term 5 Topic Web - Rainforests

Term 2

Our topic this term has been volcanoes. Carrying on from our work last term on the Romans we have been reading the story 'Escape from Pompeii'. The children have written some excellent descriptions of the city of Pompeii and are now busy writing adventures stories about their own escape from an exploding volcano!


We have also written explanations about how volcanoes are formed using what we learnt in our topic lessons to help us. Next week we are going to be starting to make our own model volcanoes and are looking forward to seeing them all explode!


In maths we have been practising our addition and subtraction. We have been so impressed with how the children have grown in confidence across the term with using different written methods.


At the moment we are busy putting the final touches to our performance of the 'Little Match Girl's Christmas'. All the children have worked extremely hard and we are looking forward to sharing the performance with our families this week.



Term 1 2016

Wow! We are already 5 weeks into our first term and time definitely flies when you are having fun! 


Over the last few weeks we have been really busy getting to know each other as a class and learning how to work together as a term. Our Year 4s have been doing a fantastic job at helping the Year 3s get used to life in the Junior school and the Year 3s have coped so well with all the new ideas and routines.


We have already learnt a lot and have been really impressed with the children's hard work and positive attitudes towards their learning.


These are just a few of the things that we have been learning since the start of term:-

  • We have been looking at number and place value in Maths and thinking about number value, ordering numbers, rounding and negative numbers.
  • In English we have been reading Roman myths. We have looked at what makes a story exciting to read and have been practising writing settings and character descriptions. We are now in the process of writing our own myths based on the story of 'King Midas and the golden touch'.The children have thought carefully about the language they have used, for example making sure they meet their targets by including some expanded noun phrases.
  • In our topic lessons we have been learning about the Romans and what brought them to Britain. We have found out about life as a Roman soldier and learnt about the mighty Boudicca and the problems she caused the Romans. We have even learnt a catchy song to tell her story!
  • In PE we have been practising different ball skills and are getting used to our new weekly swimming sessions. The children seems to be thoroughly enjoying their time with the new swimming teachers and it is becoming the highlight of the week for many!



Term 5

We have been busy getting to grips with our new topic 'Our local area'. We started by reading the book 'Window' by Jeannie Baker. The book tells the story of a young boy and how the view from his bedroom window changes throughout his life. It tells a good story however the book contains no words! The children have been using the pictures to write some excellent scene descriptions and showing off all the different types of sentences that they are able to use.


We have also been thinking about where we live in relation to other places. We have used a range of different maps and atlases to find our home and particularly enjoyed looking on Google Earth and Street View! We have been learning how to read maps, using the key and locate different places, using grid references. It is not an easy skill and the children did really well.


In Science over the next few weeks we are going to be learning about plants and the children will have the chance to care for their own plant. Hopefully they will prove themselves a lot more green fingered than me!


We have recently introduced our new gem reward scheme to the class. The children will be able to earn gems for showing different learning behaviours. Once they have collected a certain number of gems they will be able to claim a prize from the treasure chest. We hope that it will give us a chance to celebrate all the really brilliant work and behaviour we see from the children everyday!  

End of Term 4


We have had a really busy end to Term 4. We have been finishing off the work on our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. This has been the first time we have ever studied this topic and we have been really impressed by the work that the children have produced.


We ended by having a go a creating our own Stone Age style cave paintings. We used pastels and experiemented with bledning the different colours to create a stone effect. We also decided that, in keeping with our Stone Age ancenstors, we wouldn't be using tables or chairs as we worked so found ourselves a space on the floor or up against the wall!





The last week of term was a particularly busy one with so many of our class joining others on the residential trip. It sounds as though a brilliant time was had by all and it was great to hear all the stories the children had to share about their time there. Those of us that were left were also very busy - making biscuits, going to Spring walks, writing poetry and we even made it out onto the field for our first game of rounders of the year!


It was really good to see so many parents at our parents open day. We really appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to share what the children have been doing at school. If there is anyone who would still like to arrange an appointment please let us know.

Week beginning 08.02.16


In our English lessons, over the last couple of weeks, we have been practicing writing instructions. On Monday, we thought about how important it is to make sure our instructions are clear to read. The children had a go at giving Mrs Costick and Mrs Freegard instructions how to make a jam sandwich. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite to plan when Mrs Costick was forced to spread the butter with her fingers and Mrs Freegard didn't even take the jam out of the jar before she put it on the bread. Once we had thought about what we needed to do to solve these problems we were able to write really clear instructions. We then had a go at following each others instructions in order to make our own jam sandwiches. It was great fun, if a little sticky!




The next day was Pancake day so we had another chance to combine our instruction writing with our culinary skills and had great fun making pancakes! Although, the ones Mrs Freegard made looked a little more like scramble eggs!

Week beginning 25/01/2016


We are now a couple of weeks into our new topic 'Stone Age to Iron Age'. We are reading the story 'Stone Age Boy' about a little boy who travels back in time to the Stone Age and the adventure he has while he is there. We have been using this idea to think about other stories that involved transporting to an imaginary world, and have been reading extracts from 'The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe' and 'The Wizard of Oz'. This week we are going to be using all the ideas we have collected and write our own stories set in imaginary worlds. We are really looking forward to reading them!


We have also been learning about the importance of tools to the Stone Age man and put together our own television advert to advertise the newly invented 'spear' to a Stone Age man. This week we are going to be continuing to find out more about Stone Age village Skara Brae that was uncovered on the Orkney islands. We will be continuing to write newspaper reports about the discovery.


We are also focusing a lot on our reading skills this term and have been enjoying sharing lots of books together as a class. We ask that children continue to read as much as they can at home. Every child should be bringing a reading book and reading diary home daily and we would be grateful if someone could sign the reading diary to show that they have read. Team points will be awarded to recognise this.


All children are also able to borrow books from our amazing new library!



Week beginning: 25/11/2015

A busy few weeks, as always!


The children have been continuing to learn about the Ancient Egyptians and wrote some excellent biographies on famous figures from Egyptian history. They really enjoyed doing their own research and finding out about the unusual lives they lead and their equally interesting and mysterious deaths!


The highlight of the last few weeks for me was our performance of songs from the musical Joseph. I was so impressed with how all the children performed and it was so lovely to see so much support from parents and carers. I am sure the songs are all still firmly stuck in our heads although will be replaced over the next few weeks as we start practising for our Christmas Nativity!


A favourite lesson for many of the children is always the time we spend in the ICT suite each week. Over the last term we have been looking at how to design our own animated computer game using the Scratch programme. It always amazes me how quick the children are to pick up how to do certain functions and their amazing problem solving skills!



Week Beginning 12.10.15


We enjoyed a brilliant week celebrating Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The highlights of the week being our fancy dress parade, Mad Hatter's tea party and hat parade. It was so lovely to see all the amazing costumes and we are really grateful for all the effort that everyone put in to making them look so fantastic. The bright sunshine made it a perfect afternoon for a tea party and a chance to sample the cakes that we had made in class. 27 children all icing cakes at the same time was quite a sight with sprinkles and icing sugar everywhere!


Last week we finished off our work on Fairy tales. The children wrote their own versions of Cinderella. The results were impressive with some of our favourites being Cinderella the pirate and a story that was set at school with Mrs Adams as the Fairy Godmother!


Our children of the week have been Lily and Charlie. It has been lovely to watch them develop over the last year. They are both brilliant role models, in both their work and behaviour, for our Year 3s. Well done to both of them!


Another cause for celebration for Charlie was the fact he and Lucy were voted our school council representatives. They will be representing Laurel class in the upcoming meetings with Mrs Adams and taking on the other responsibilities that this role brings.

Week beginning 28.09.15


We are all really excited this week to be taking part in a week of celebrations for the 150th birthday of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland! We have lots planned and are particularly looking forward to our Mad Hatter's tea party and dressing up day on Tuesday!


Over the last couple of weeks we have been continuing to read and write about Fairy tales. We have been reading lots of different examples - some traditional and some not so! We have also been writing our own descriptions of both characters and settings. We have been trying to include examples of 2A sentences in our writing - we hope the children will be able to explain what they are!


We have also started to find out more about the Ancient Egyptians and have been using atlases to locate Egypt and look at what its location can tell us about its climate.


Beau and Cory were our children of the week over the last fortnight. Beau for his excellent attitude to his learning, in particular his writing. Cory for his brilliant work in Maths! Well done to them both!

Week Beginning 14.09.15


Welcome back! We have had a lovely start to the new term. It has been great to meet our new Year 3s and we have been extremely impressed by how they have coped with the transition into Key Stage 2. It is also lovely to see our now Year 4s again, they all seem to be so much taller that when we last saw them!


Over the last 2 weeks the children have worked really hard on their mark making skills. The quality of work they have produced is clear in the lovely displays they have put together. They also did really well at their assembly on Friday and it was lovely to see so many of you there to support them.


This week we will be introducing our new topic - The Ancient Egyptians. We have lots to learn and are really excited! We are also going to be reading different fairy stories in English and having a go at writing some setting and character descriptions.


Our Child of the Week this week is Emily P who joined us at Roundhill Primary this week. It has been a pleasure to welcome her to Laurel class, she has fitted in so well. We have been really impressed by her helpful and mature attitude - well done Emily!

Week beginning: 22.06.15

This week Laurel class have been carrying on looking at explanation texts. We have been looking at the inventions of the famous Mr G. Wallace and his long suffering dog Gromit and are busy trying to explain how some of the these inventions are supposed to work! We are confident that the Shopper 13 and the Snoozatron would be brilliant additions to every modern home!


We have also been trying out some of our new sentence types, to help us with this writing. We have started with the 'Noun, who/ which/ where' sentence. The children have really impressed us with how quickly they have become confident using this sentence and have come up with some brilliant examples:


The Queen, who lives in London, rules over the whole of our country.

Scandinavia, where the Vikings came from, has really poor farm land.

The Flower, which has bue and yellow petals, is dancing in the sunlight.


Our 'Child of the week' this week has been Kieran who has really made an effort to improve the amount of work he produces during Literacy lessons. Well done Kieran!

Week beginning 04/05/15: We are going to be busy writing our own plays, based on the story we have been reading in class. The story is about Sigurd the Viking and his adventures when he finds himself in modern day Britain. We will be turning part of the story into a playscript, using all the features that we have seen in other plays over the last couple of weeks. 


We have also been finding out why the Vikings were such good warriors. We have designed our own Viking shields and will be making them next week. We would be grateful if the children could bring in any cardboard boxes they have at home to help us make the shields.


Our child of the week this week is Emily. Well done Emily!  We also awarded a 'Star writer' award to Isabelle for her excellent letter imagining she was a monk who had just been invaded by Vikings.


Week beginning 11/05/2015:

This week we are starting to look at report writing in Literacy. We have been busy finding out about the studio where the Harry Potter films were made and will be designing a leaflet to advertise a studio tour.


We have also been putting together our own Powerpoint presentations in ICT, sharing what have learnt about the Vikings so far.


In our topic lesson this week we are going to be making our Viking shields. We will be getting the paints out and trying hard to make sure we get all the paint on our shields and not ourselves!


Our 'Child of the Week' this week is Hayden. He impressed us all last week with how much he has learnt about the Vikings and all the facts he was able to remember. Well done Hayden!

Week beginning: 18.05.15

The last week of Term 5! We cannot believe how quickly this term has gone and how much the children have achieved! 


This week we will be writing our own reports entitled 'Viking Invaders'. We are going to use this as an opportunity to show off both our amazing writing skills and all we have learnt in our topic work. We are particularly going to be focusing on making our sentences interesting to the reader, with lots of great openers and connectives.

To help us with this we are also going to be doing some more research into the famous Viking long ships - we would love to tell you all about them if you ask us!

We had great fun making our Viking shields last week and they are now dry and ready to display.


We would also like to say well done to those children who are regularly reading at home. We enjoy reading the comments you write in the reading diaries about the books being read. We are grateful for your support at home with this and ask that an adult could sign the diaries at least once a week.


Our child of the week this week is Beau who always impresses us with his fabulous attitude to learning. Well done Beau!

We hope you all have a relaxing half term and are keeping our fingers crossed for at least a couple of days of sunshine! See you in Term 6!


Week beginning: 01/06/2015

Welcome back to Term 6! We have got the term off to a flying start this week with lots of hard work. The children have been busy putting the final touches to their Non Chronological Reports about the Vikings. We have been really impressed by the quality of their writing and all the different features that they have included. 


Laurel class are swimming this term on a Wednesday afternoon so we ask that the children come prepared each week with their kit and 50p.


The Year 3/4 team are busy putting together our plans for the Roundhill Celebration Week next week. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this fine weather lasts so that we are able to spend as much of the week outside as we can. Starting the week with a climb up the Roundhill itself, bright and early on Monday morning!


We are looking for people from the local community to come and share their memories of the school/community with the children on Wednesday morning so if you think you may be able to help with this please let us know.


This week our Child of the Week has been Lily. She always impresses us and was mentioned particular by Mrs Capener for her hard work in Numeracy. Well done Lily!

Week beginning: 08/06/15

This week is our 'Roundhill Celebration Week' when will be busy celebrating the opening of our new school by finding out more about our local area and in particular the Round hill or High Barrow Hill. We started the week with a trip up to the top of the hill. We were all blown away (quite literally!) by the amazing views all around our beautiful city. The children were full of great ideas about the things we could see, hear, smell and touch and also did some lovely sketches of the view. It was fantastic to be learning outside in the sunshine and making the most of this excellent viewpoint!  We hope to be back up there again before the end of the week.


We have lots planned for the week with opportunities for writing, mapwork, art work, plenty of outside learning and even a chance to write our own Roundhill song. 


We are also hoping to have some visitors to share their memories of the school/ area and are still looking for anyone who would be willing to help us with this. If you think you know someone we would be grateful if you could let us know.


Swimming will continue as normal this week. Our 'Child of the week' this week is Kayden who completed an excellent piece of Viking writing and has also impressed everyone with his behaviour recently. Well done Kayden!

Week beginning 15/06/2015:

Another busy week! This week we started looking at explanation texts in Literacy. We have read lots of different examples and have looked carefully at the sorts of things we would expect to find in an explanation. All this is in preparation for next week, when we will be writing our own explanations.....with a little help from Wallace and Gromit!


It was really lovely to have the opportunity to get out in the sunshine this afternoon during our nature afternoon. Children from all across the school were able to take part in an outdoor learning activity of their choice. We had great fun doing lots of different activities, ranging from outdoor cooking, printing or den building! A really great opportunity to make the most of our lovely school grounds in the summer sunshine.


Our 'Child of the week' this week has been Rylan. Rylan always sets a brilliant example with his hard work and excellent behaviour. He also really impressed one of our visiting sports coaches with his cricket skills. Well done Rylan!