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Gem Power! - Learners of the Week (week ending 20.04.2018)


(Butterfly Class) - Power! - showed power this week by


Freya Nix (Bumblebee Class) - Azurite Power! - Freya showed azurite power this week by having a positive attitude in her writing and working independently.


Luke Wiltshire (Ladbybird Class) - Sapphire Power! - Luke showed sapphire power this week by writing fantastic letters independently this week.


Emily Jefferies (Grasshopper Class) Azurite Power! - Emily showed azurite power this week by working hard at home.


Kaiden Jones (Maple Class) Emerald Power! - Kaiden showed emerald power this week by trying unfamiliar tasks and being happy to try them.


Isabella Fry (Willow Class)  Azurite Power! - Isabella showed azurite power this week by always being enthusiastic and taking pride in her work.


(Laurel Class) Power - showed power this week by


Cory Flint (Birch Class) Emerald Power! - Cory showed emerald power this week by using a range of different strategies and selecting a preferred method.


Ciera Ball (Pine Class)  Ruby Power! - Ciera showed ruby power this week by helping to tidy the dinner hall.


Yonah Dapliyan (Cedar Class) Sapphire Power! - Yonah showed sapphire power this week by showing great focus in achieving really high scores in her SATs practises.