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Gem Power! - Learners of the Week (week ending 09.02.2018)


Wren Taylor-Loder (Butterfly Class) - Ruby Power! -Wren showed ruby power this week by being an excellent member of Butterfly class.


Minnie-Song Pitt (Bumblebee Class) - Topaz Power! - Minnie-Song showed topaz power this week by volunteering to be our eco-team representative and supporting other children in a sensitive manner.


Alfie Mitchell (Ladbybird Class) - Ruby Power! - Alfie showed ruby power this week by being a kind friend in Ladybird Class.


Alfie Griffin (Grasshopper Class) Ruby Power - Alfie showed ruby power this week by always being a kind friend.


(Maplel Class) Power -  showed power this week by


Leyla Erturan (Willow Class)  Amethyst Power - Leyla showed amethyst power this week by accepting praise and has what you need in school.


Sameena Bakth (Laurel Class) Ruby Power - Sameena showed ruby power this week by being thoughtful towards her class-mates.


Ashleigh-Mae Caffrey (Birch Class) Ruby Power -  Ashleigh-Mae showed ruby power this week by helping others to think about the environment in her Eco-Team role.


Mirai Takano (Pine Class) Topaz Power - Mirai showed topaz power this week for working so well with everybody in Pine Class.


Harley Snell (Pine Class) Emerald Power - Harley showed emerald power this week by showing perseverance in his learning and showing a positive attitude all week.


Isabell McIntyre (Cedar Class) Ruby Power - Isabell showed ruby power this week by helping Mia when she got injured.